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Aedronix is a young and dynamic company, providing you with professional high-quality photo and video footage by drone. Whether you want your real estate, company, sports event captured, or you want to map a flooding, fire incident, or anything else, Aedronix is your solution.

The only thing you have to do is indicate what you want to see and Aedronix ensures a good result! After all: one image says more than a thousand words!

Don’t hesitate any longer. Just take a look at Aedronix’ webpage, and contact us if you have any question or request.

About Aedronix

The company…

Aedronix is a young drone company focussing on delivering you high-quality aerial photos and video footage by drone.

Situated near Leuven, it is perfectly located to service a large part – why not all – of Belgium.


As a professional Belgian drone pilot, Michael de Bouw holds his RPL-R licence of class 1a (approved operations manual) according to the Belgian Royal Decree on RPAS, which was issued on the 10th of April 2016 . According to this, he’s allowed to perform high risk drone operations, up to 90 meters high with a maximum take-off mass of 150 kg.

In the light of the new European UAS Regulation 2019/947, that is active since the 31st of December 2020, he also holds his European operator certificate and licences for the Open categories (A1/A2/A3) (soon to be supplemented with the Specific category).

All operations from his company Aedronix are performed according to the European UAS regulations and the Belgian RPAS Decree during the transition period. All operations are assured up to 2.500.000 € (so more than the obliged minimum of 750.000 SDR).

Besides being an active pilot, he’s also member of the Belgian Civil Drone Council in working group 1 – Operations, Regulation and Use and working group 6 – Innovation, Research & Development.

Equipment old

Aedronix’ Yuneec H520 professional hexacopter

Aedronix uses a professional Yuneec H520 hexadrone. The H520 is designed with the inspection industry in mind with a six-rotor system that allows stable and precise flights. Even in high-wind environments, the Yuneec H520 system is able to hold position. Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. H520’s landing gear retracts out of the way to give you a full, 360° view of the world to capture important data in the field.

The H520 Hexacopter and the ST16S remote control communicate directly. So there is no involuntary data transfer to servers in China, Germany or anywhere else in the world. Neither flight data nor images, videos or logfiles are forwarded to external servers and remain in Aedronix’ possession. Thus, your data is optimally protected.

E90 ultra-high definition camera

The H520 of Aedronix is equipped with the E90 ultra-high definition camera. The E90 camera is a wide-angle, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in applications that require high quality photo and video.

  • 20 MP 1-inch sensor and the latest H2 high speed image processing chip
  • 4K resolution at 60 frames per second
  • Digital zoom up to 8x (the view on the ST16S is lossless up to 4x)
  • Ideally suitable for professional photo and film applications
  • 23 mm lens with low distortion
  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal with a precision of +/- 0.02°
  • Endless 360° rotation of the gimbal for perfect image stabilization

Team Mode Functionality

Team Mode allows you to independently control copter and camera separately via two remote control systems. While the drone pilot continues to take control of the copter, the camera operator can concentrate entirely on the camera. This collaboration greatly facilitates the capture of creative images and provides commercial users with a helpful tool for making jobs more precise and to work in a team.

To be able to work in team mode, Aedronix has partnered up with Dronicals.

Live First-person View (FPV)

Ever dreamed about flying like a bird and seeing all these breath-taking landscapes from above? Or would you like to get a closer look yourself during inspections?

Aedronix realizes that for you thanks to the Yuneec FPV Goggles, that are connected directly to the remote controller. These goggles are light weight and soft padded, assuring you can wear them for as long as you like. Wearing glasses? No problem: the headset is perfectly suited for users who wear glasses!

The high-resolution and built-in 5-inch (12.7 cm) HD screen features brilliant live images in 720p HD. Skyview also features a 75.5° field of view and a 16:9 aspect ratio for a stunning, life-like display.


Photos & Videos

Would you like a professional to take your aerial photos or videos from your reale estate, or just providing an overview of you site or domain? Drone images provide you and your customers immediately with a clear view of the building and its surroundings.

Or even want Aedronix to generate great wide-angle panoramic images

No problem, Aedronix ensures that your project is perfectly visualized.


You want to get a closer look on spots and areas that are difficult to reach? You want to avoid that your employees end up in dangerous situations by working at heights, climbing ladder etc.? You want to inspect roofs, chimneys, car accidents? Or map fire incidents, storm damage, floodings …?

Than Aedronix provides you the solution, certainly with its high resolution 8x zoom camera.

Events, Leisure, Sports …

Filming your wedding with a drone? Want to make a drone movie of your company or birthday party? Or want some footage of your sport performances? Or any other event?

Don’t hesitate to contact Aedronix!